I am curious, always.

I write partly from curiosity, but the true reason is more elusive. I’ve spent my career—mostly in New Mexico—as a non-fiction science writer and published author. But for my whole life I’ve want to know the whys. The whys of people, of free verse, of history—the whys of almost everything. I write also because I want to tell you a story, to jump in and show you what I’ve discovered.

If you’re a wee bit curious about life’s whys, come watch me work. You’ll see work in progress—a history long overdue, mostly true stories, essays and my thoughts on curious topics. Sign up to see how I'm doing. I’ll try to publish regularly, maybe every other week. You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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Writing for the comfortably curious.


Linda G. Harris

Curiosity is not about finding the truth, but what you discover along the way. Chasing curiosities.